What a Beautiful Day!

I just updated my blog, and realized that it would be a pretty good update for this as well! I could have just copied and pasted, but I don't want to give anyone any false pretenses, and such as that. So here is the link!


Thank You cards and the 4th!

Alrighty friends,

We have finally finished up our Thank you cards and will be mailing them out this week. Thank you all for being patient with us during this process. Being in school this past month had really cut down on our time to get to work on these things, but they're finally done!

Be on the lookout for yours soon!

Also, enjoy your 4th of July safely! 

Married Life

Today marks the week-iversary of the wedding and all I have to say is that it has been nothing short of amazing!

The honeymoon was the best week/vacation I have ever had. We drove down to San Antonio the first day, checked into our hotel and took a river cruise on the river walk. But first, the hotel. We stayed in the St. Anthony which is a historical hotel in the river walk area of San Antonio. I don't even know what else to say about it. The room was great, had this king-sized four post bed, great bathroom, and a tiny TV. The TV wasn't a problem though because I don't think it was ever on. 

The cruise/tour on the river walk was pretty cool. We just enjoyed spending time on the water seeing cool things. After the tour, we walked on the river, looking for a restaurant. We decided on this Mexican restaurant called The Original Mexican Restaurant. The salsa was the first thing that knocked our socks off. It was not too spicy for Samm to enjoy, was really tasty to offset the lack of spice, which all led to Samm and I devouring it! We split the fajita plate because it was so big and that was all delicious too. But the best part of the meal was this little mariachi band that approached our table and asked if they could play for us. We had recently talked about Samm having her wallet and having cash for tips so I asked them to pick a song and play for us. However, I had sorely misunderstoood what Samm had just told me, in that she actually said that she did not have her wallet. Needless to say, we were both blushing from embarrassment once the band finished playing. 

The next day we checked out, parked our car on a surface lot and decided to go check out the Alamo and possibly Ripley's. It was so hot, that after we had looked around the Alamo for a bit, we decided just to hit the road and look out for lunch. 

On the road down to Corpus Christi, we were seriously craving Taco Bell but didn't want to stray too far from the directions to find one. Doing this, however; meant that we didn't find one until we got into Corpus. We did notice that Whataburger was founded in Corpus Christi, which means that for every other fast food burger joint on the road, there was a Whataburger. It was almost exactly a 1:1 ratio for Whataburgers to every other burger place. 

Once we got to Mustang Island, we headed to the state park to get camp set up. In this state park, we found that you could camp right on the beach. Once we got camp set up, we went out to the water and discovered that this part of the beach was COVERED in crabs. Samm was bitten/pinched first and I was soon afterwards. Those little buggers kept us from getting too far out into the water on this beach. That night we tried to set up a campfire to cook some hotdogs and make some smores, but the wind and the wet ground kept the fire from really getting going, so we had cool hotdogs and no smores. 

The following day, we woke up super early because of the sunrise. We couldn't check into our next hotel until 4 PM, so we had some time to kill. We walked up and down the beach, collecting shells and mussels and trying not to get pinched. We broke down camp, went into town for lunch and found out that our room was ready early so we went ahead and checked in. 

The next hotel was on the island, right across the street from the beach. Once we were checked in, we jumped into our swimsuits and checked out this beach. This one did not have the same issues with crabs so we were able to go out quite a bit further in the water. We ended up staying for only about an hour because we were both a little burned from that morning. After we were back in the hotel room, we cooked the remainder of our hotdogs on the stove and made some delicious smores in the microwave. 

On our last day, we were thinking about checking out the Texas State Aquarium, but decided that it probably wasn't worth the $40 it would have taken to get us in. We grabbed some breakfast from the hotel, packed up and hit the road for the next 10 hours until we got back to Lubbock. 

Since then, we have been splitting time between her parents' house and the apartment, and I have started my summer classes. But again, these past two weeks have been amazing and I love saying that I have a wife. I love her more than I could have imagined and I am so excited for our little family!

Less Than That Now!

We are up on 26 more days!!!

The last of the invitations are being mailed either today or tomorrow. We had intended on hand delivering, but we haven't seen these individuals, and it's taking too long. I want to get them out!!

Things are coming to a close now. We have gotten most of everything tangible that we need. Since I can remember, we have gotten the finishing touches on the table centerpieces, the cake topper, the wedding bands, and I talked to a DJ. He hasn't gotten back to me yet, he has a family reunion that weekend, so we are planning on doing the music ourselves, which is hardly a problem. 

It's going to be amazing! We have decided on the decorations, we have the supplies and even done a trial run, which was simple but exciting!

We recently got back from Albequerque, where we got the necessary temple clothing. That was pretty exciting.

We have also checked out a few apartments for when Spencer's lease is up. Bear Creek and Jackson Square. They are inexpensive (relatively), and really nice! Very homely. We are going to check out a townhouse on Wednesday, and possible another place before we decide. 

I guess that wraps up this update. 


Fast Lane

Yes! Invitations are on the last leg. We are serious this time! They should be mailed today, the ones that are being mailed. (Which sits at 101). The rest we are going to do our best to hand deliver (another 100, roughly, give or take) by the end of the week.

Big Girl Drs Appointment... Do I care to comment? lol Ah Spencer,  I love you.
It wasn't that big of a deal! Usually, new things scare me, and I do my little girl dance of "I don't waaaant to!". I think Spencer is just bragging by telling about it because there was no little girl dance. I put my Big Girl Panties on and went, and it wasn't that big of a deal. (The joke of "Why put your Big Girl Panties on if you are just going to take them off?" circulated my household that day.) If it weren't a doctor, it would have been weird. But he was cool, no big deal!

Moving forward. We kind of let time get away from us. After postponing the wedding a semester due to scheduling conflicts, etc., we are back on top of things! We thought "Ugh, that's so far away! Oh well, at least we aren't stressing out anymore", and we let time slip away a bit!.

We are on track, though, and working hard! For being a wanna-be exercise-guru,my goal is to get everything done in April that we can, and use May to focus on us! We were kind of doing P90X earlier this year but... I take the fault in use quitting. Whenever I start to exercise, I forget to start slowly, and my immune system doesn't like it and I usually get sick one way or the other. Then I just got lazy. So in May, we are starting up May Madness again! I think we need a different name, that was for May 2009. ...Oh, I think we are calling it Bring It, May , BIM for short.

Well, take care, and expect invities within the next couple of days or so for those out of state.


I finally got around to putting up the wedding countdown over there on the sidebar. It's nothing fancy but I had to create it myself on some website generating some HTML code. Either way, it's up to keep tabs on when our big day is!

Anyways, we have started handing out some of the invitations while we were in Dallas over spring break to some of my friends and family. We had only printed up something like 20 or 25. We are getting the other 200+ envelopes addressed now and we will be printing the final invitations in the next few days. We hope to have these out in the next week or so, but that's being optimistic. 

Other than that, we have been kind of dragging our feet (we know, we only have 2 months left, there is definitely not room for that). We have gotten a few things out of the way though. I don't know how to say this lightly and delicately, but Samm had her "big girl" doctor's appointment today. Apparently, she didn't have the horrific experience that some others have. Anyways, that is all I am going to say on that. I'm sure if she wants to share some more on that she will, but I will not. 

I think it is starting to sink in that we have 2 months left! We still have so much to do, but it seems like we have plenty of time. We are still trying to keep everything in front of us so we don't forget something and not leave it to the last minute. We're still working out details on the decorations and food, stuff like that. Believe me, it's been an adventure so far. No stress freakouts or anything like that, but it's definitely starting to sink in that this is creeping up VERY quickly. 

Oh, one more thing we are working on! We are still trying to plan the honeymoon and make reservations. We are really liking the idea of going down to the coast (somewhere, probably Corpus Christi) and possibly even spend 1 night camping on the beach. We are really excited, but like a lot of other things, no real plans yet. 

Wish us luck!!


Well blogging world, we have finally finished our invitations! Well, okay, that was misleading...
Well blogging world, we have finally finished some of our invitations!

After many hours of designing, picture taking, editing, cropping copying and pasting, thousands of hole-punches, corners and paper-cutting, and some assembly,!!!.... we have finished some of the invitations.

If you haven't given us your address, time is swiftly running out!

I'm really excited about these suckers. We took our own photos, designed everything on our own, and threw them together. Blooper of the week!: We had to make our own Target Registry cards because the one we went to completely robbed us of our complimentary bag-o-stuff. After much stressing that wasn't even worth it, after printing page after page and cutting rectangle after rectangle, I notice a typo. "www.targert.com." It was such a stressful day that all I could do was one of those pitiful "I give up" laughs. My sweet, loving sister wouldn't accept a pitiful "I give up" laugh for an answer, so with her help, we printed out more and cut them out in a third of the time it took me in the first place. Shout out to Jenni!! I really appreciate the help! ♥

Success of the week: These works of art know as announcement/invitations, all together, cost less than $50! *high fives all round*

Spencer has also been amazing. He did a great percentage of that hole-punching and cornering mentioned earlier. We each have sore hands, but I think it was worth it! Keep your eye out for em, these things are masterpieces!

Tomorrow, we are headed out to Dallas so invitations will be put on hold, but we'll get back next Wednesday and it'll be full steam ahead!