Wedding: Registered!

Yesterday Samm and I went to go register for gifts. We hit up Bed Bath and Beyond and went biserk!

We were there for over two and a half hours and we were scanning like crazy. We went over just about every inch of that store and you would be able to tell by looking at the length of our list. We ended up with 9 pages and something like 160 items. We scanned sheets, towels, kitchen utensils and appliances and everything in between!

Anyways, for the most part we had a blast and we are both really excited about starting our lives together in our own place. 

We are planning on registering at Target as well, but we were a little burned out after our time at BBandB. 

Other wedding plans we are working on:
Our announcements are pretty much layed out, we have the pictures picked out, we just have to go print the pictures, print the announcement and put everything together. We have most of our address list put together and just need to get all the pieces together. We're re-evaluating our decoration plans for the church to make sure everything is a go. We've set up times for Samm's endowment and our sealing in the temple.

Things are moving! We are really excited now that this is only about 3 months away.

Valentine's Day

So this Valentine's Day was great! Last week was our one year dating anniversary. As Spencer said, we went to Joe's Crab Shack and ate yummy crab stuffed shrimp! He also got me beautiful tulips (the same flowers that he got me for Valentine's Day last year) and a very funny card! For Valentine's Day this year, he got me some sweet little goodies and a handwritten note. I went back and read his handwritten note from last  Valentine's Day. It was really moving to see not only how our love has progressed, but how truly present it was, even in the very very early stages of our relationship.

He also bought steak and other sides and made me a steak dinner! It was amazing! Spencer has a picture on his facebook profile if you want to see what it looked like.

Poor guy, three weeks in a row, this truly is the Love Month! First our date-iversary, then Valentine's Day, then next week is my birthday! He's so sweet, I'm so excited!

I love that man! May 28th is crawling...

That's all I have for ya!

Progress ever more

Posts have been few and far between these past few months since we decided to post-pone the wedding, but things are still working on our front. We have taken our engagement pictures and are working on putting together our announcement/invitations. We are heading out soon to register and we hope to get these things out in the mail here in the next week or so. No, we are not going to post pictures JUST yet, you have to wait!

Other things that we have been working on is finalizing dates and times with the ceremony and temple itself and things there are moving along. We are still working on decorations and making sure everything is going to be all beautiful for our big day. Anyways, wedding plans are still moving along.

More about our everyday life!

Monday was our 1 year anniversary of dating. February 7, 2010 is the day that we had decided that we wanted to be official and exclusive and shut down the "talking stage!" haha BEST. DECISION. OF. MY. LIFE. hands down. What did we do to celebrate our special day you might ask? Well let me tell you. 

On our 6 monthiversary, we went to Joe's Crab Shack and had their crab stuff shrimp and absolutely fell in love with it! We have been wanting to go back sometime, but just haven't been able to make the plans. Anniversary comes around and we decide that we could not put it off any longer. We headed back and just DEVOURED those little guys. SOOO tasty. 

I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. Before dinner, we exchanged cards and Samtha got a little pot of red tulips. Samtha completely out did me here. I hit up United before heading to meet her before dinner and I picked out some flowers and found a pretty funny card and wrote a little "I love you," in it. Samantha, on the other hand, hand wrote an amazing letter and even had a few doodles on it. She even hand made the envelope that the letter was in. 

Score: Samantha 1, Spencer 0

But just wait. I've got my chances coming up with Valentine's Day on Monday and her birthday the next Monday. We will see how that score ends up...haha