Keep on Truckin

It's been busy, but I figured I'd go ahead and post again instead of waiting for Spencer any longer.

We've enjoyed our vacation, but we are back in the swing of things. Wedding planning is back on the table. We have already seen the family get back into it as well, which is a little frightening. We absolutely appreciate their help, but we want their help, not have them plan the wedding for us. If you want to give me any ideas, family, either email the whole list to me at once, or tell me one at a time. When you list out every idea you have ever had in a row (exaggeration), I get frustrated and shut down. As any normal human being would.

Moving on, we have our outfits and date set for taking engagement pictures. I'm a little nervous because everything is yellow and brown here in Lubbock, but what can you expect? It's winter! And we can't wait any longer to get the announcements out. Anyone have any pretty places that don't need green grass and flowers to look pretty?

If worse comes to worst, we can always send out some of the pictures we took with our family. We have a few but they aren't the best. (Our family was not impressed with that photographer at all.) The only good pictures were Spencer's and mine because we set them up (location and poses, etc.) But that's a different story altogether.

We were thinking about Mackenzie Park (the pretty side) but it's dead! Which I guess isn't a bad thing if the grass isn't green, it'll make our outfits stand out that much more, but our second outfit include a lot of yellow... oh well, this will work. My sister also suggested Ransom Canyon. But if you have any other suggestions, please let us know!