Less Than That Now!

We are up on 26 more days!!!

The last of the invitations are being mailed either today or tomorrow. We had intended on hand delivering, but we haven't seen these individuals, and it's taking too long. I want to get them out!!

Things are coming to a close now. We have gotten most of everything tangible that we need. Since I can remember, we have gotten the finishing touches on the table centerpieces, the cake topper, the wedding bands, and I talked to a DJ. He hasn't gotten back to me yet, he has a family reunion that weekend, so we are planning on doing the music ourselves, which is hardly a problem. 

It's going to be amazing! We have decided on the decorations, we have the supplies and even done a trial run, which was simple but exciting!

We recently got back from Albequerque, where we got the necessary temple clothing. That was pretty exciting.

We have also checked out a few apartments for when Spencer's lease is up. Bear Creek and Jackson Square. They are inexpensive (relatively), and really nice! Very homely. We are going to check out a townhouse on Wednesday, and possible another place before we decide. 

I guess that wraps up this update.