The dress

I know that the groom traditionally isn't supposed to see the dress before the wedding day, but Samantha and I accomplish things when we're together. Shopping is not something Samm particularly enjoys and her family is so excited that they can hardly contain it, which unfortunately sometimes evolves into complete overload. When that happens, nothing happens or gets accomplished. I'm done making excuses for why I went dress shopping with her yesterday, just let me tell you about it. 

Samantha has already explained her knack for finding good sales and I shared with her that my mom and one of my aunts were able to find very beautiful dresses from David's Bridal for extremely cheap. We wanted to have two dresses for multiple reasons, but we decided to check out David's. Last night, we drove out there, fully expecting to see some nice dresses, but be disappointed with the outrageous prices. 

Trying on wedding dresses is a process, let me tell you. Apparently the bride has to put on a bra-slip combo, but after that the changing of the dress happens within seconds. After some problems finding which size bra-slip combo actually fit, we started having dresses appear on the rack outside of her changing room. First one was OK, but the second one, I was absolutely blown away with. I was about to say, this is it, this is the dress. It was $350, but we also needed to add sleeves or something to have it be a little more modest and appropriate. We decided to hold onto it in case we couldn't find anything else and we decided we wanted to spend the extra money. Ohh! back up a second. The first dress had some beads and stuff in the body of the dress and Samm immediately started playing with them and picking. So we decided we didn't want anything too fancy and dressed up just for the sake of it staying together the entire night, through the reception. After that, they ended up taking a few dresses back to the floor. Anyways, she goes through a few more dresses, nothing too spectacular and we especially not having any luck finding one that would look halfway decent with sleeves, plus they were all out of our price range. Samm finally gets onto the manager for bringing so many dresses out to her that were out of our range and she mentions that there is one more that they ended up putting back on the floor because of what was said about beading and playing with it. We decided that we would look at it anyways.

Turns out that this is the dress that we both absolutely loved! We had the alterations woman bring out a shrug type of jacket thing, just something with sleeves and it looked even more amazing! The jacket was amazing and it just works well together with the dress. Anyways, Samantha and her family is going back tonight to buy the dress and jacket and they'll set up an appointment for a fitting sometime later down the road. 

We are totally rocking this wedding planning thing!


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