Bride-To-Be's Break

So, as you heard from Spence, the dress is amazing! I wish I could post pictures, but I told Spencer he couldn't see me in the dress again until the wedding. He'll have forgotten what it looks like by then, more than likely, so I'll still get to see that look on his face. You know, the groom's "look".

One thing that thrills me!: My dress has a corsette. I started talking about how if I gained weight,  the dress will go out with me. If I lost weight, it'll come in with me. The lady who was helping us told me "Don't lose any weight! You have just enough around the middle so the corsette doesn't come together too soon and throws off the whole thing. If you gain weight, eat ice cream that morning!" So I guess now I just don't gain any weight and I'll be good!So, a week or two ago, I just felt like taking a day off, I didn't want to go to work, I didn't want to do anything. I just felt so overloaded.

But I didn't listen, thinking I could do anything I ever wanted, and then everything I never wanted, all in one. Turns out, I'm not capable of all that, and my body decided to give me the well deserved break. I got really sick, starting last Sunday, with a small sore throat. Each day, it progressively got worse. It was really bad Wednesday, but I had a conference call that day that I didn't want my bosses thinking, "Oh, she wants to miss the boring call so she is calling in 'sick', of course." Like my other coworkers would do. Then Thursday, even worse, but I had a test I couldn't miss, and a rescheduled class that I usually have on Tuesdays, but we rescheduled that day. I also had kickboxing and another class. In short, I had an extra class, went to work, went to institute and meeting with the bishop for the start-of-the-engagment interview before I finally decided that I am going to die if I don't take a break. None of the medicine I was trying was working, so it was really miserable.

(That was a really confusing paragraph!...Sorry!)

Nyquil and Dayquil are my miracle workers. Then only problem is I get addicted to the Quils, so I have to make sure I take them sparingly. Turns out, though, that SLEEP and REST were the best medicines for my overworked body! Plus a little spiritual refreshment through General Conference... I think I'll be ready to take up my six classes, 3 month engagement/wedding planning, and two callings plus visiting teaching again.

Not that I took a break from all of that. On my Friday and weekend off, I still had two chapters to read, two tests to take, and a paper to write. All's well that end's well though. I think I'm ready for Monday though! As ready as I'll ever be...

Thanks for listening to the whinings of a bride-to-be. Here's to getting back on my feet again!


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