Let the madness begin

We've jumped headfirst into the insanity known as wedding planning. We've got a venue picked out, we've got the reception all planned out and things like that. This weekend, we went looking at flowers and centerpieces for the tables at the receptions and this is what we accomplished:

We went to Hobby Lobby and were checking out the flowers. We decided that we wanted silk flowers so that we can keep them much longer and not lose their color, plus the obvious price difference. We have the flowers for her bouquet as well as the flowers for the bouquet that gets tossed. I couldn't give you the names of the flowers specifically, but her bouquet will be a mix of blue and white flowers (I'm pretty sure one of the flowers is tulip, but I couldn't be totally positive). Anyways, we had all that picked out and we started looking at flowers for boutonnieres and everything but didn't settle on that yet. We also got some flowers to go on the cake and food tables for that little added decoration.

We also got some stuff for the centerpieces for the tables in the reception. We have tulle circles to go under glass bowls that will be filled with little colored glass marbles and water, and we're going to float a white flower in it (one of the same flowers form her bouquet, but not the tulip). We're also going to put flower petals around the bowl on the table. We still need to get the bowls though. The ones we found didn't quite work out for what we wanted so we'll have to go look again sometime.

I'm probably forgetting something which will be filled in by Samantha, but that's what I remember without actually seeing what we bought. We're going to go look at the apartment complex we're keen on this afternoon, and maybe even to David's for a dress. As crazy as this is, I'm loving it, I just can't wait to finally be married to the wonderful woman!


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