So, we have been running around and getting things done for the big day! I've only had one breakdown, and thankfully we were in separate cars on the phone, so nobody saw the Broke-down Bride. It was over something we had settled on, but just that: settled. However, in the bigger scheme of things, the choice we made in the beginning makes the most sense.

Our two biggest trials now are one, finding the gosh darn stupid dress, and two, disguising a gym to look like a wedding hall.

However, things have been going really well. Due to strategic shopping, luck of sales, and a high bank of patience on Spencer's part, we have

* flower garland
* flowers for the bouquet
* flowers for throwing bouqet
* most of the ingredients for our centerpieces, which incorporates 3 or 4 things
* shoes for the dress (leftover from prom, that's handy)
* a few more scattered things here and there

and the grand total is: ... ... couldn't tell ya exactly, but I know it's less than $50 :) Talk about smart shoppin! And it doesn't stop there! I fully intend on spending less than $200 for a temple dress and another dress. I know, "Two dresses? Girl you be outside yo mind!" but we deemed it necessary, as long as we can get them both for under $200. I found one I like for $100, plus $50 to add professional sleeves, and then the temple dress, I found a nice one for $40, so there we go! There's just a bit more detail than that, it's not so simple.

We have also decided not to move out of Spencer's apartment now. I'll just be moving in with him until the lease is up. It'll save over $1000 and relieve a bit of stress off our shoulders for now.

There you have it, week 2 of our engagement is over tonight, and we have so many things in line. I think we have roughly 12 weeks left. We can do it! I'm so excited to get to marry this man, and I can't be more grateful for his willing attitude! We are getting so much stuff done! :)


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