The Proposal

The main post that most people have been waiting for: The proposal. I'll see if Spencer will post a picture of the ring when he tells his version of the story.

We had talked about marriage a lot, and we knew it was headed that way, but I told him he couldn't marry me unless he had a job. So, during the summer, he actually found two jobs. I knew this was it. However, I kept waiting and waiting, no ring, no proposal. He kept dropping "hints", hints that slapped me in the face, it was shocking how subtle they were..."Babe, what's your ring size?" "Will you marry me? Just kidding, that's not how I'm going to do it", "Babe, do you want round stones or square?"...

Then there was the matter of talking to my dad. I kept giving him opportunity after opportunity to be alone with my dad, and it never happened. I was so frustrated after I walked in one day, noticed they were talking, and made every excuse to avoid them, just to find out that he hadn't even brought it up while they were talking. After that, I just decided not to expect it, it'd happen when it would happen.

I started getting stressed though. June turned into July turned into August turned into September. Our 6 month engagement was slowly losing months and we weren't going to have time to get everything ready once it happened and we made the news public! One day, I felt the ring in his pocket, I thought, but I convinced myself later that it was just his wallet, trying not to get my hopes up.

Finally, we set up camp in Raiderville. I had my expectations that he was going to propose at the UT game, so I wasn't expecting it at all, which I think that's what he was going for. We were in the tent, and I noticed him digging around in his backpack but thought nothing of it. Then he turned to me and said something to the effect that this conversation has:

Samm, I have a question.
Yeah? What's that? (Not suspecting a thing)
Will you always love me? Forever and ever?
Of course I will, I will always love you! (starting to suspect something...)
Even when I'm being trouble, or a pooper, or Spencerbob Crankypants?
Of course I will, as long as you will love me when I'm being those things too!
Samm, I will always love you! Will you marry me? (Shows the ring)
*gasp* Trouble! Trouble face! Of course I will, you trouble.

Then he put the ring on my finger, we hug and kiss, then he says "Wait, should I have been on one knee?" "Oh yeah, you better redo it" So I gave him the ring back, and knelt as tall as I could, which was still shorter than him on one knee, seeing as how neither of us could stand in the tent, and he was nearly reaching the top on one knee as it was, and said "Samantha Allred, will you marry me?" And no trouble faces, I said "Yes!"

"I Will!"


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