The disaster I wouldn't change!

When Samm and I started hanging out and spending time together, we weren;t really looking for anything serious and weren't really planning on anything taking off. So much for our plans. We started dating the first weekend of February after just one week of spending time together and our first kiss was only one week, to the day, after that.

Even though we were planning on taking it a little bit slower, I couldn't help myself but fall completely head over heels for this girl! Supposedly, Samm wanted to take things EVEN slower but said she failed. I think there was just no stopping it! Anyways, we pent just about as much time togther if not more the week we started dating than the week previous. Through all of that, I was holding her hand and everything and wanted to kiss her. Me bing a cheeseball, I didn't want it to be some lame thing that I would remember forever as a monumental fail. So much like everything I plan out, I rethink it, chicken out, and replan it many, many times. I hadn't thought out any precise plans for this kissing her thing, I just thought I would roll with it and see what happens.

The weekend after we started dating was Valentine's Day weekend. I had bought her flowers, Tulips to be exact, and made a randa-bag of some of my favorite chocolates! It was yummy! Anyways, we had family dinner at her house that Sunday night, and then went back to my apartment to watch a movie. Throughout the whole thing, we're all cuddled up with each other, olding hands and being extremely close for people. You know, the whole awkward close when you haven't kissed yet but your faces are right in teh others one's face!? Kind of like before you hold hands and your hands are touching, but you're not actually holding hands? That was our faces!

Anyways, I keep going into kiss her while we were watching the movie, but she kept denying me! After a few tries, I just gave up and settled with myself that it must be her trying to take thigns a little slower. After the movie, I'm walking her out to her car, not feeling so great with my failing and BAM!! She tries to kiss me! I was obvisouly taken aback! First off, girls don't initiate the first kiss and second, she had been shutting me down all night! So I said something lame and she started getting into her car. I VERY QUICKLY DECIDED THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HAPPEN! Haha, so as she's getting into her car, I tell her to come here and strt pulling her back. I don't wait until she's all the way back out before I kiss her. And unfortunately, it was probably the lamest kiss known to man.

Regardless of how lame our first kiss story is, it's something I will never forget and cherish...probably just because it shows us and our personalities and our relationship perfectly!


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