Winter Turns to Spring

Well, after much deliberation, much hacking and coughing, much stress, and then sighs of relief, we have decided to postpone out wedding.

We started thinking about it the first time I got sick, not from infection but from stress. This sickness is on a vicious cycle now and I suspect mono again, which makes sense why this is the third cycle of this same illness in two or three months. Anyway, the more we talked about it, the more reasons came up that maybe December wasn't such a great plan. Yes, we really wanted a Winter Wedding, and no, we didn't see any reasons to wait, and we probably could have made it work, but in this case, we weren't willing to make the sacrifices to make it work.

For starters, stress. Stress, stress, stress. I am taking six classes and Spencer is taking five. We each have a very time demanding job, me working 30 hours and Spencer sometimes spending four or more hours for just one day on one single assignment for the rivals website. On top of which, Spencer looking for a second, more steady and stable job, which seemed really crazy trying to do that before December. Also, it's only two months away. Not only was I dealing with my stress with time, but my family's as well. They are wanting to help but always constantly bombarding me with suggestions and questions, it became so overwhelming! We just want to be able to enjoy our wedding, not stress stress stress unil it's "finally over".

Also, he has a member of his family who is also having a wedding on December 18th. Neither of us knew about the other one's wedding, so no one is to blame, it's just a horrible coincidence. We didn't want to make his family decide between the weddings, so another reason to postpone.

As aforementioned, Spencer has a job writing for the rivals website. This is a good job for him, good experience, but I personally see it more as an internship-type job, and we are lucky they are paying him at all. However, it's not enough to support himself much less the both of us. My income might but we don't like to live in the world of Maybe. What if I lost my job? Where would we be? Anyway, it was going to be an amazing feat for him to find another more stable job by December, so another sigh of relief knowing that we have until May.

Oh by the way, we have decided to postpone until May. Well, late May, possibly early June. No offense to all out there, but I want to avoid a June wedding as much as I possibly can. However... this might not be possible. Stay tuned for a more permanent date. But... don't hold your breath, we probably won't decide until it's absolutely necessary ;)

There are a lot of other reasons why we postponed, but those are the major ones that I can think of right now and I'm about to get off work in less than 5 minutes. We were going to have a Winter Wedding, and now we are going to have a Late Summer Night wedding (so we don't have to change the colors ;) and yes, I do realize it'll still be spring..)

Have a great weekend!


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