Back when the Earth was flat...

You could say that I fell off the map! Well, the Earth isn't flat and I am still here.

Samm has already mentioned that we are pushing back the wedding until May, but let me reiterate that this would have been such a hectic and stressful few months if we had tried to trudge through this and get married. I looked at the calendar the other day and realized that it was November 18th, one month exactly before we were originally going to get married. I laughed and scoffed at the fact that we were brave enough to think we could plan all this in that amount of time.

Anyways, since then Samm and I have been taking it easy with the wedding planning and all that. We still have our flowers and everything (luckily we were going with silk) but our colors are still up in the air as of now. Samantha thinks navy blue might be a little dark for summer, I think it would be fine. What say you, reader?

With the date change, we might even be changing venue too. A major reason why we were planning on having the ceremony and reception at the church was money and secondary to that was weather! Well, weather now is a little less of an issue being that it won't be freezing outside; money will still be a deciding factor on whether or not we even look to do it outside. I say we look for a way to do it outside and just party to out hearts' content, but I do not think either of us have deep enough pockets to throw that kind of reception.

On a side note, Thanksgiving is this week! I am the biggest fan of true fall and winter! I know those two are usually an after thought here in the great state of Texas, but this is by far my all-time favorite time of year! I love the color changes. I love the brisk air and the fog your hot breath makes when it hits the coldness known as winter. On top of all that, though, is the AMAZING food served at Thanksgiving! My family does it big and I am more than ready to plop down after our Thanksgiving lunch/dinner (linner??) and be totally unable to move, but be loving every second of that full stomach of amazing, family-comfort food. Samantha and I are spending this Thanksgiving with my family in Mesquite (as we agreed to split the holidays with the families; we will be spending Christmas with her family here in Lubbock) and we are set to drive to Dallas tomorrow night!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my family and all the love and support they have shown me over the years and through my many undertakings. I am extremely grateful for Samantha and that Heavenly Father has seemed me fit to have such a blessing as her in my life! I love her more and more everyday and am looking forward to spending the rest of eternity with her. I am grateful for electricity, and it's return to my apartment complex after being temporarily suspended whilst I was in the middle of writing my MCOM Law paper that's due in the morning. I now have very little motivation to finish it, and I was reminded to update our blog, so I took this opportunity.

We need to add a music player on the sidebar, right? The Fray is favorite and should be making their debut on our blog in the coming future!


Delirious said...

I kind of think navy blue is too dark for summer too. I suggest looking at some Martha Stewart Wedding magazines. :)

Samm said...

We are going with navy blue and the theme, so to speak, will be a summer's night, that way we can keep the flowers we have :)

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