The Three Bears

Christmas this year looked  to be a disaster. After a big family feud, we all decided that we were just going to do all of our family festivities on Christmas Eve. This left Christmas morning to each individual family to celebrate privately. This also left Spencer and I an opportunity to share our first Christmas together.

This Christmas made my top #1. (Necessary redundancy because it was that amazing!)

Christmas Eve was more fun than we thought it would be after the feud. Then Christmas morning, I grabbed Tori (who was just as excited as I was to spend Christmas at Spencer's), grabbed stockings and a few last minute things, and went to Spencer's apartment. 

Everything was perfect. We turned on Christmas music while we ate breakfast, complete with Reese's Puff cereal, and enjoyed each other's company and the few Christmas decorations that went unused at my parent's house. It may not seem like much, with just a tiny Christmas tree with a bunch of plastic ornaments and our one personal ornament I got from Shayla, a couple of Santa hats (that, when not on our heads, we decorated the TV with), a few red bows, some LED icicle lights that we strung around the kitchen bar, and a porcelain-like Christmas tree that lit up that Preston broke.

It couldn't have been better. Tori opened her stocking, consisting of a soft pig that squeaks, and a rawhide which she devoured in less than an hour. Then Spencer and I started opening gifts. I won't boast and brag about what I got, nor what I gave, but just getting spend such a wonderful holiday with my favorite person was enough happiness for me to share. Add my favorite bearkins, and I felt so spoiled! We may not be married yet, and Tori may just be our adopted fur-child, but we felt like the happiest little family there ever was.

I love you bear!


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