What's For Dinner?

Tag I'm it? Thanks for posting, Spencer :). The lasagna was good, but both Spencer and his mother helped me so I can't take all the credit.

Also, the tender baked chicken and french onion soup... they were okay too. Spencer would beg to differ and say they were amazing, but I think he's biased ;). It was pretty good, but how does someone like me take credit for a good meal? It's just following the recipe... right? I suppose I've even messed that up a time or two. lol

After that, we tried some baked chili-garlic chicken. That was pretty good. Critic Spencer deemed it "A repeat!" kind of meal. lol Only one more chicken recipe left. Broiled garlic lemon chicken. After that, broiled salmon! Yes, Spencer. Fish. It's good for ya ;). Think of it as Sammon. Maybe you'll love it more haha!... bad joke.

I feel a bit like Julie and Julia, which is in no way a bad thing since I adore both Amy Adams and Meryl Streepe, (I'm not sure I know how to spell her name...). I also adore that movie so win-win.

I've noticed much pudge in my midsection, and bursting seams on my pants, etc. I figured it was time to take my diet in control. So, we've stopped eating out as much. This leaves us to fend for ourselves, so I figured I would make my own recipe index cards. They've been great! So if you have any good recipes, please share them! And maybe them make it to Samm's Index Recipes. SIRs for short, but I'm pretty confident that I will never use that term again. But, I've been wrong before. That one time. (just kidding!)

Spencer, you're my favorite! Thank you for being amazing! I'm so thankful that I can follow a recipe and bring some yumminess to our dinner table in the future!


Delirious said...

On my recipe blog there is a link for one called "The Frosted Cupcake". She doesn't just do desserts, and she has some GREAT recipes on there! Overall, she is an amazing cook! I know her personally, and she just has a talent for cooking.

Samm said...

*GASP!* That's right! You're recipe blog! Ah, I just found my project once school lets out and I have nothing to do lol (It gets slow at my work and I ran out of books to re-read lol)

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