Valentine's Day

So this Valentine's Day was great! Last week was our one year dating anniversary. As Spencer said, we went to Joe's Crab Shack and ate yummy crab stuffed shrimp! He also got me beautiful tulips (the same flowers that he got me for Valentine's Day last year) and a very funny card! For Valentine's Day this year, he got me some sweet little goodies and a handwritten note. I went back and read his handwritten note from last  Valentine's Day. It was really moving to see not only how our love has progressed, but how truly present it was, even in the very very early stages of our relationship.

He also bought steak and other sides and made me a steak dinner! It was amazing! Spencer has a picture on his facebook profile if you want to see what it looked like.

Poor guy, three weeks in a row, this truly is the Love Month! First our date-iversary, then Valentine's Day, then next week is my birthday! He's so sweet, I'm so excited!

I love that man! May 28th is crawling...

That's all I have for ya!


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