Wedding: Registered!

Yesterday Samm and I went to go register for gifts. We hit up Bed Bath and Beyond and went biserk!

We were there for over two and a half hours and we were scanning like crazy. We went over just about every inch of that store and you would be able to tell by looking at the length of our list. We ended up with 9 pages and something like 160 items. We scanned sheets, towels, kitchen utensils and appliances and everything in between!

Anyways, for the most part we had a blast and we are both really excited about starting our lives together in our own place. 

We are planning on registering at Target as well, but we were a little burned out after our time at BBandB. 

Other wedding plans we are working on:
Our announcements are pretty much layed out, we have the pictures picked out, we just have to go print the pictures, print the announcement and put everything together. We have most of our address list put together and just need to get all the pieces together. We're re-evaluating our decoration plans for the church to make sure everything is a go. We've set up times for Samm's endowment and our sealing in the temple.

Things are moving! We are really excited now that this is only about 3 months away.


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