Well blogging world, we have finally finished our invitations! Well, okay, that was misleading...
Well blogging world, we have finally finished some of our invitations!

After many hours of designing, picture taking, editing, cropping copying and pasting, thousands of hole-punches, corners and paper-cutting, and some assembly,!!!.... we have finished some of the invitations.

If you haven't given us your address, time is swiftly running out!

I'm really excited about these suckers. We took our own photos, designed everything on our own, and threw them together. Blooper of the week!: We had to make our own Target Registry cards because the one we went to completely robbed us of our complimentary bag-o-stuff. After much stressing that wasn't even worth it, after printing page after page and cutting rectangle after rectangle, I notice a typo. "" It was such a stressful day that all I could do was one of those pitiful "I give up" laughs. My sweet, loving sister wouldn't accept a pitiful "I give up" laugh for an answer, so with her help, we printed out more and cut them out in a third of the time it took me in the first place. Shout out to Jenni!! I really appreciate the help! ♥

Success of the week: These works of art know as announcement/invitations, all together, cost less than $50! *high fives all round*

Spencer has also been amazing. He did a great percentage of that hole-punching and cornering mentioned earlier. We each have sore hands, but I think it was worth it! Keep your eye out for em, these things are masterpieces!

Tomorrow, we are headed out to Dallas so invitations will be put on hold, but we'll get back next Wednesday and it'll be full steam ahead!


Spencer Rogers said...

It certainly was an entertaining ride getting these things together...

I love you babe

Christina said...

OMG Its so soon! I'm so excited for you Missy- soon to be Mrs.! lol :)


p.s. the songs on here are awesome

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