Lost in Dating

After we had exchanged numbers, I wanted to see him as soon as I could. However, after getting out of a messy relationship, I wasn't looking for a new one and I didn't want to rush into anything. This made things complicated. I wanted to hang out with this guy, but I didn't want a relationship again. After Institute, I think, I followed him to his apartment, and he pulled up a chair for me at his computer so we could watch Lost. I think we even started it from the beginning, Season One. Now, I generally move pretty fast in and out of relationships, so I was making sure to keep my distance; to make sure I didn't rush myself into another one that would end just as badly, or worse, than the last one. However, he keeps his room frigid cold, so we bundled in a blanket. Now that I look back, I know he wasn't cold, he's never cold! He was just using it as an excuse to brush shoulders ;)

He went out on another date with that other girl. Later that week, if not the next day after, I came over to watch more Lost, and he told me that he had shut the book on that other girl. We were very open with each other from the beginning. Neither of us were looking for a relationship, but we knew it was headed that way and there was no stopping it. The second time we hung out, I kept wanting to snuggle closer, maybe just to grab his hand or peck his cheek, but it was only the second time we had hung out! It wasn't even a date, we were just snuggling again in front of his computer in two separate hard back chairs! Just wrapped up in a blanket. I didn't want to move too fast, but my little "Rationalization Samm" came out, and I figured okay, well if I just set my hand here, it's up to HIM if he wants to grab it or not! I think I remember him kind of moving closer as well, but finally, I could see him buck up the courage and just snatch my hand. At first, he looked a little apologetic, a little sheepish, wondering if that was okay to do or not. But once he realized it was okay, I'm pretty sure I saw the rest of the block of ice chip away, the Berlin wall crumbling down to where there was nothing standing in between us.

That Saturday, I went on a date with another guy and realized hmm... This was a great date, group date, had a wonderful time, but... I was thinking about Spencer the entire time. I felt a little bad for the guy I was on the date with. The next day, I went over again, and we talked about it, kind of a DTR talk. It was short and sweet and consisted of me saying, "I don't really want to be with anybody else." I mean, it was February 7th, and my version of the story, we met January 30th, that's pretty fast! It's exactly what I wasn't looking to do! However, when I thought about even going on dates with other guys, I just didn't want to. None of them interested me like Spencer did. None of them attracted me the way Spencer did. So, we made it officially exclusive. :)

Tomorrow, we'll tell about our first kiss ;) And don't worry! The proposal is after that!!! Sound good babe?


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