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I was smiling at myself in the mirror today, something I rarely do, but should probably do more often (you know how a small smile can make someone's day, even your own). I realized, EW!
I got my dress today. Oh yeah, I'm just guesstimating, but I'm pretty sure I got this dress for $500 cheaper than the marked price. You can't beat that! Okay so you can, but this dress is... ah! So gorgeous. If I can find a picture, I'll post it.
But back to my tragedy. I painted a picture to show my dilemma. If anyone has any suggestions to have this fixed by Decemeber, please let me know! :)


Hannah said...

Crest white strips! :D

Delirious said...

Also, I would say watch what you are drinking. I don' know if soda darkens your teeth the way coffee and tea do, but it might be worth laying off the soda just to see. And I agree with Hannah, try some white strips.

Lightning Strikes said...

Try the white strips and also the whitening rinse :) it should work! The rinse is like 6dollars or so and the strips work great and last a while
ps this is Meisha in case you had no clue :)

Samm said...

hey Meisha! :)

And I just go some free crest white strips samples from David's Bridal for getting my dress from them lol So I'll see if I need to buy some sensitive toothpaste too, you know?

Anyways, thanks for the suggestions! And don't you hate that sodas are the problem for everything? I don't know if it's ttue, but I definitely think you are right!

Amber said...

yeah I say try the crest first but if all else fails professional whitening i think is only $200

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